Core One Mechanical Group Inc. guarantees the ultimate in year-round comfort and savings with cost-effective, efficient and clean HVAC and geothermal solutions for your building. Our experience, technical expertise and products are second to none. Unlike some heating and cooling companies, Core One Mechanical Group Inc. is specifically focused on commercial HVAC and geothermal systems for the buildings.

We are committed to innovation in both commercial HVAC and geothermal technology, to its improvement and to its growth as a source of building heating and air conditioning in Canada. Why use Geothermal systems? Because it works. It is clean, renewable and efficient. Geothermal is not just environmentally friendly, it is proven successful as a significant energy-saving method for heating and cooling. Geothermal offers a real alternative to many property owner’s trying to keep operating costs down.

At Core One Mechanical Group Inc. we also believe in education and helping consumers to fully understand the value of geothermal systems, how they work and the ease with which they can make a difference to energy use, comfort and sense of independence.

Keeping your building systems at peak operating efficiencies takes work. At Core One, we specialize in doing just that. By keeping your air handling equipment filters clean, and belts adjusted properly, your Core One Mechanical Group technicians will help keep your equipment operating efficiently. We offer complete maintenance packages on building systems and all makes of equipment. Centrifugal chillers, smart chillers, Boilers, rooftop equipment, building air handlers and controls all require maintenance and service to stay in peak operating condition. Let Core One Mechanical Group Inc. show you how its done, saving you money along the way.