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Boilers & Water Heaters

Core One is proud to offer and introduce the new XFyre family of Modulating, Condensing Boilers water heaters in sizes from 300 to 850 mbtu manufacturede by Raypak. Certified 94% Thermal Efficiency as a boiler and and 95% Thermal Efficiency as a water heater, up to 99% at part load. Indoor and Outdoor construction is standard. Certified for PVC, CPVC, and SS venting. Indoor combustible clearance requirement is zero right and left side, access area needed for front and rear. With top water connections and a minute 9.5 sq. ft. footprint two XFyres can fit in the space often required for one from other sources.

A DSI ignition system combined with zero governor fuel air matching allow smooth soft start, and modulation with 5:1 turndown capability. Stainless Steel heat exchanger with ASME H Stamp. Meets LoNOx requirements for any jurisdiction. Digital Operating Controls including 0-10 VDC inputs from BMS, and up to 8 boiler cascade capability are standard. An easily read LCD Status Display, Full Diagnostics, and Fault Memory complete the exceptional highlights of this powerful new Raypak offering.