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Whole Building Humidifier

People spend 90% of their lives indoors, therefore the importance of correct temperature and humidity levels are critical to personal health and comfort. Too much humidity can be as destructive as too little.

Manufacturing and industrial processes are also directly affected by the indoor environment. Like people, machines work better in favorable surroundings. All equipment and processes respond in various ways to temperature and humidity fluctuations. For maximum performance, reliable temperature and humidity are essential.

The NH SERIES electrode humidifier provides pure, clean steam using the most efficient steam humidification process. Energy is conserved with efficient steam conversion rate, smart water use and lowest energy losses due to low hot water drain rates. Maintenance is easy and economical with cylinder technology. Solid mineral scale sinks to the bottom of the cylinder which, when filled with residue, is easily removed and replaced.

Nortec NH electrode humidifiers offer complete application flexibility. They can be integrated into central HVAC systems with distributors, Short Absorption Manifold (SAM-e), or placed in specific locations with their own steam distribution blower pack for individual room control.